Bridge App FAQ

Picky Assist Android Bridge App is the Core of the automation so if you are facing any issues in sending or receiving messages then please go through the below FAQ and apply the solution.

Incoming Messages are showing in my whatsapp but its not reflecting in my Web Console under "Messages"

The reason could be any of the followings ;

Notification Access Should be Granted

Picky assist mobile app requires system notification access in order to receive messages.

Open Picky assist mobile app and Click on “Check Notification Status” and ensure Picky Assist is turned on as shown below;

If its already turned on then please turn it off and turn on again as sometimes the system revokes this permission and still shows it as "On"

WhatsApp Notification Should be "On"

If the whatsapp notification is off then please enable the same, all the notification should appear in the notification bar

After I send message from Broadcaster nothing happening in my phone.

In normal condition after you send a message from broadcaster, your phone connected with picky assist bridge app wake up automatically and you can see the screen turns on and automatically opens whatsapp.

If you are not seeing this behaviour this means the app is not correctly synced with the picky assist server , you need to reinstall the app

Please make sure that you are selecting the correct application i.e WhatsApp Business or Personal.

Make Sure the Screen Lock it Set to "None"

After sending message i can see the phone opens WhatsApp and trying to send message but it dont automatically sending any messages, it got stuck in sending window

In 90% cases it happens because the "Accessibility" permission got revoked by the system even it shows as granted, we need to regrant the permission , follow the below steps ;

Regranting Accessibility Permission

Open Picky Assist Bridge App, Tap on "Check Accessibility Status" and turn it off , then turn on it again as shown below;

Make Sure the Phone & WhatsApp Language is set to "English"

Make Sure the Battery Optimisation for Picky Assist & WhatsApp is disabled

Text Messages are sending successfully but image and media's are not sending, Why?

This issue generally happens if necessary permission are not granted to the app or granted permission are revoked by phone for some reasons.

Open Picky Assist App -> Tap on "Set Permission" and it will open in a new window , make sure all permissions are granted which including "Storage"

If storage permission is already granted then please disable and enable it again.

After doing the above step if the issue is not solved then please follow the below steps ;

Open Picky Assist Bridge App, Tap on "Check Accessibility Status" and turn it off , then turn on it again as shown below;

Makes sure below settings are also correct;

  • Your phone is not locked

  • Your phone & WhatsApp language is set to English (mandatory)

What's the process of changing the device from one to another ?

Picky Assist project license key is issued against an Android phone , so even if you change the whatsapp number / SIM Card still you can use the picky assist service from the same device without any additional configurations.

Once the license key is activated in a device its not possible to use the same license key in any other device unless we re-issue the same.

If you are just testing the services and would like to change the phone into another then you can simply delete the existing project and create a new project in order to get a new license key for new device.

Please follow the below instructions to change the device

Download and Install the picky assist app in your new device , then please share the following details;

Your existing device id (can fetch from Settings -> Device -> Device ID) Your New Device ID (after installing the app please open the picky assist app you can see the device id there) Your Existing License Key (can fetch from Settings -> Device -> License Key) Your Project Name

Please email the above details from your registered email address to , we will charge $15 per device change request and your account should have enough balance to process the request.

One device change is free in a year in all plans except pay as you go plan and for those who made payment for yearly unlimited plan can request upto 10 device changes in a year.