New Features (Beta)

This section keeps the new features and bug fixes which updates to the beta version of the picky assist platform , you can access beta version from this url ​

This section start maintaining from Aug 14, 2019


Release Date


Facebook Messenger Integration

Introduction of Official Facebook Messenger as a New Channel. Now you can send and receive messages from a page with Picky Assist. More Details​

Oct 13,2019

Moved to Live on Nov 13,2019

WhatsApp Incoming Media Processing

Processing whatsapp incoming media using file file upload method. More Details

Oct 7,2019

Moved to Live on Oct 15,2019


New service has been launched to offer LIVE Chat. More Details ​

Sep 6, 2019

Moved to Live on Sep 15,2019

Social CRM -> Subscribers

Option to delete subscribers individual as well as segment and delete in bulk. More Details Subscriber sorting date change from subscribed date to last active date

Aug 29,2019

Moved to Live on Oct 15,2019

Settings -> App

New menu added for integrating 3rd party app's into picky assist platform


Zendesk Support App added as first app. More Details​

Aug 28, 2019

Moved to Live on Oct 8,2019

Smart Replies

New Action type added "Send to Zendesk" which will push messages to Zendesk Support and convert as ticket or update an existing ticket


Smart Replies -> Settings

Default Message / Fall Back messages are added with Smart Action. More Details ​

Aug 29, 2019

Moved to Live on Oct 1542019

Broadcaster -> Compose

New WhatsApp filter feature added. More Details New feature added in order to identify the type of messages which are pushing through broadcaster , the same will be shown in the report section


Aug 22, 2019

Moved to Live on Oct 15,2019

Broadcaster -> Reports

Delivery Report added for 4.3 alpha bridge app version


Fixed bug while exporting reports special characters and values are breaking the lines in the csv file


Type of media correctly identifies and shows in the report


WhatsApp Filter report updated for 4.3 alpha bridge app version. More Details ​

Aug 20,2019

Moved to Live on Oct 15,2019

Settings -> Webhook

New webhook type added "Event Webhook" in order to push delivery reports, whatsapp number filter reports , phone warning alerts etc . More Details ​

Aug 20, 2019

Moved to Live on Oct 15,2019


New WhatsApp Filter API Added. More Details ​


New Delivery Report API Added. More Details​

Aug 14. 2019

Moved to Live on Oct 15,2019